Language in the wild

Language learning in the wild covers several projects that focus on social aspects of second language learning. The aim of the projects is to design social infrastructure that enables newcomers to a second language to participate in their community with the ability to understand better and without the  fear of being misunderstood and without the risk of the locals switching to English.

In these projects, newcomers will be nudged into engaging with locals and acquiring language skills in local communities outside the classroom, that is thought of as the place for language learning par excellence.

Also designated spaces and technological tools are designed to support the social infrastructure of second language learning in the wild.

To sum up, Language learning in the wild projects substantiate and build theory on the socialization of second language learning while also

  • establishing a principled paradigm for a usage-based, ethnomethodological second language learning theory;
  • bringing about systematic empirical evidence for these underlying views of language and L2 learning;
  • developing infrastructures and technologies for using the local the local language; and
  • making principled research-based descriptions of how to build similar social infrastructures in other places nationally and internationally.

Other Projects