Challenging norms in social media interaction

Social media have become an arena in which knowledge, expertise, and opinions of very different kinds are being negotiated and shared, both publicly and in closed communities.

This project investigates ways in which participants in different online communities negotiate the boundaries of social norms in these public spaces and communities.

Using EMCA inspired methods we focus on describing the systematicity and recognizability of norm breaches in online settings, and we outline how participants also locally negotiate what constitutes a norm breach and why. Further, by investigating instances of norm breaches, we describe what constitutes membership and competence for the participants.

Amongst other, such knowledge informs us on how lay people use and orient to professional knowledge, expertise, and practice in different settings. Secondly, professionals such as journalists, moderators, and teachers can gain specific knowledge on what practices lead to reactions by participants themselves.

(Jeanette, Elisabeth, Marianne)

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