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Erik Vinkhuyzen shared his thoughts with PIPE

In January Erik Vinkhuyzen, senior researcher at Alliance Silicon Valley Lab visited PIPE for various events.

Monday the 28th, he was invited to a workshop at Campus Kolding, where the main focus was on traffic data and his work on using social data in the development of autonomous cars.

Tuesday the 29th of January, he presented his work at an event that PIPE coorganized with Business Kolding. Kicking off the event, Johannes Hartkopf- Mikkelsen, journalist and editor of, presented an overview of state-of-the art development of autonomous cars.

PIPE researchers Kristian Mortensen, Lars Holmgaard Christensen and Kerstin Fischer are pursuing further collaboration with Erik and also with researchers at Stanford and Kyoto University

Erik Vinkhuyzen closing the presentation.

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