Writing seminar

PIPE members from Odense went to a writing seminar from March 6th to 10th 2017 at Skåstrup Strand near Bogense. Rain, wind and cold temperature didn’t invite to the beach, but that was not the idea either.  Skåstrup Strand is isolated enough to concentrate on work – even convenient stores are 20 minutes driving away.  Elisabeth Muth Andersen, Marianne Rathje, Gitte Rasmussen, and Rineke Brouwer spent their time on discussing PIPE matters, upcoming projects and publication work.

At the same time, colleagues from Kolding had arranged an InTech writing seminar nearby, which made it possible to collaborate with PIPE people from Odense. The outcome of the seminar was outstanding. Tine Larsen, Maurice Nevile, Chloé Mondemé, Kristian Mortensen and Johannes Wagner went home with a bag full of finished manuscripts and revised papers.  They also agreed upon an upcoming Special Journal Issue.

PIPE member Chloé Mondemé says about the boot camp:

”This writing-exil week provided great opportinuties to interact with the colleagues out of institutional settings, favoring both informal and working exchanges and discussions.”

PIPE member Julia Ruser says about the boot camp:

”It gave me the time and location to work concentrated on tasks that needed immediate feedback from my colleagues. The bootcamp is a great opportunity to work on projects without the usual distractions of the office with people interrupting via e-mail or in person”.


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