Instruction of Augmentative and Alternative Communication in Everyday Interaction

Research questions(s): What are the (professional) practices in teaching and instruction in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) in an everyday context? What do the practices accomplish? What interactional consequences do the practices have? What resources are used in the instructional practices?
Data: We are analyzing data from different data collections; Maja Sigurd Pilesjö´s PhD data, data from DART (AAC and technology center in Gothenburg, and Niklas Norén, Uppsala University. The data show parents´ and professionals´ (facilitators) instruction of AAC together with children/youth with severe speech and physical impairment. Additional data will be collected at a special education day-care center in Odense, starting Spring 2017.

Maja Sigurd Pilesjö, SLT, PhD, Assistant Professor, SoPraCon, ISK, SDU Odense. (Collaboration partners are Niklas Norén, Uppsala University, Gunilla Thunberg, Ulrika Ferm, DART, Gothenburg.)

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