Reconfiguration of Professional practices: (organic) family farmers VS digital farming

The aim of this project is to study two, apparently antagonists, professional farming practices and see how they configure human-animal interaction and relations.

This project is part of a general inquiry on alternative ways of producing and consuming agricultural goods (oriented to organic or responsible farming, distributed in local food networks), and their effect on the reconfiguration of social links (i) with other human beings (e.g. effects on politeness in service encounters ; on the conception of economic transaction), (ii) with animals (livestock, dairy animals or companion animals), and (iii) with the environment (representation of nature and sustainability).


Two main fieldworks are planned:

  • A first data set will be constituted of video-recordings of ordinary farming activities, and especially milking practices, in dairy family farms (mostly organic farms) in a rural area of south Burgundy.

  • A second component is based on a collaboration with INRA researcher Antoine Dore, which aim is to pursue an investigation on “digital farms” where digital technologies (sensors, connected objects, milking robots, etc.) are used to support agricultural practices.