Affiliate for CARM

PIPE member Maurice Nevile, with US colleague Dr. William A. Tuccio, has been accepted as an affiliate for CARM, the Conversation Analytic Role-play Method developed by scholar Prof. Elizabeth Stokoe (Loughborough Univ., UK). CARM uses Conversation Analysis to create role-play scenarios based on authentic real-time interaction, and has been applied across a variety of settings and organizations to identify what works or is less effective in communicative encounters.

CARM affiliates apply their research findings to develop professional practice and training. Affiliate status is possible after receiving training in CARM (Dr Tuccio) and achieving recognised presentations and research publications using CARM.

For Maurice and Dr Tuccio, significant work includes:

Tuccio, W.A.; Nevile, M. (2016). Interventionist conversation analysis in aviation: Improving instructor talk and student radio skills. Sixth Meeting of the Language and Social Interaction Working Group (LANSI), New York, NY, October 7-8, 2016.

Tuccio, W.A.; Nevile, M. (in press, 2016). Using conversation analysis in data-driven aviation training with large-scale qualitative datasets. Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education & Research (JAAER).

They are now collaborating on a second journal article, and a presentation which Dr Tuccio will soon (January) give to an aviation audience (flight instructors) through a seminar program of the US Federal Aviation Administration, titled ‘Improving Your Effectiveness as an Instructor: Interactive Role-play of Everyday Encounters During Flight Instruction’